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Makeup Tips for a Bride - Bridal Makeup

"A bride should be beautiful and not overdone. It is love that makes her beautiful and not the makeup artist. She's the star and has to look like a dream, her face translucent, soft and glowing. …Never forget that a compact powder and lipstick must always be carried by a relative for a quick touch up."

  1. Use a Very light moisturizer to prepare your skin. Choose a concealer of a lighter color shadow areas of the face around the eyes and nose.
  2. Then apply and blend all over the face and under the neck an oil free foundation, which will last throughout a long and hot day. Try and choose a tone slightly lighter than your skin tone but never white! Indian skin has a yellow undertone and here we have used a No. 4 concealing matte foundation by Givenchy. Matte foundation is very important if you are being photographed, as you don't want bad details to show through shiny skin. If necessary touch up your face with a concealer to get rid of blemishes.
  3. Apply translucent powder with a pinkish undertone and spread evenly all over the face to obtain a matte effect, paying careful attention to the forehead, nose and chin. Check the front and profile of your face, as they are equally important. Always givenchy powder your chest area if you wear a d?collet? blouse.
  4. The eyes are always very important, as they are a reflection of the soul. They are the focus of the face. Use a brown eye shadow for softness and white makeup to lift. Apply a dark tone at the outer corner of the eyes and blend with white to make grey. White and black make-up is the safest to use, as almost anyone can carry it off. Keep blending and adding color and so as to avoid concentration of any one particular color.
  5. Use a thin line of white eyeliner on the eyelid, to highlight the eyes. Finish the line with black eyeliner and add a little black eye shadow under the eye. Then apply black mascara to the lashes. Remove any clumps with Q-tips. Next, brush eyebrows and apply a brown eyebrow pencil for extra definition.
  6. Always concentrate on the mouth, before the cheeks to give the intensity of the face. Use a contour lipstick to define the lips in the same harmony as the lipstick. Use a long lasting product and color lip in full. It is always important to have your lipstick match your outfit, so we have used Givenchy's couture lipstick No. 602 Ruby.
  7. Apply powder blush in ruby from the cheekbone outwards and under the chin. Add white powder to highlight the top of the cheek. Blend with brush and powder for the final touch including ears. Finally place Tikka on forehead.

With these simple and easy tips you can easily dress up a bride very professionally even at home.

Source: Unknown

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