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How Do I Get My Eyes Noticed - Party Makeup

How Do I Get My Eyes Noticed?

Your eyes are the most important feature when you are doing your make-up. Whether they are small, deep-set or large, using these techniques will definitely draw the attention your eyes deserve.

The first step to achieving Dynamic Eyes is to use a highlighter like our Beige Eye-Lite and apply it from the nose, (the thickness of the brush) following up under the eye brow and extend to the hairline. Then using a large brush like our Complexion Brush start from the nose and blend the Eye-Lite upward towards the brows and the hairline.

Now we are going to apply the eye shadow. To give your eyes dimension we are going to be using three different eye shadows. The first color is going to be the darkest color and your base color. Apply this shadow from your eye lashes to the bottom of the Beige Eye-Lite in the previous step. Remember this color needs to be relatively dark so that you can use two other colors that will be lighter than the base (first shadow) color. Next you will apply your eye liner. For an eye liner you can use a pencil, but for best results you will want to use a flat eye shadow and a firm thin bristle brush like our Brow Brush. By using the shadow instead of a pencil you will get a well defined line that is more natural in appearance. You will also find your eye liner will stay on longer. Always start from the outside of your eye and work inwards towards your nose. This will help you to make both eyes more symmetrical. Another key note is start your liner slightly away from the point where the top and bottom lid meet, on the inside and the outside of your eyes. Always remember to apply your liner thicker on the outside of the eye and thinner towards the inside. You will be amazed at how much this simple technique will dramatically open up your eyes.

Now it is time for the second eye shadow. This shadow needs to be one shade lighter than the base shadow, because we want this area to come out more. This is how you can bring out deep set eyes. Start the application at the top of the liner over your base shadow to the crease of your eye. Remember to stop the application at the crease. If you go above it you will only emphasize the heaviness of the lid.

Now you will move on to that third shadow. This shadow needs to be one shade lighter than the second shadow, or two shades lighter than your base shadow. The reason for this is this color is going to highlight your eye brows, which is what creates most of the expressions you make with your face. You will apply this shadow from the crease of your eye to the bottom of the eye brow.

Next you will apply your mascara to the top and bottom lashes. So I do not make this tip to wordy, please read our beauty tip on the proper method of applying your mascara. You will now get your highlighter and apply it under your eyes and blend away any excess. This will help to alleviate any dark circles by bring that area forward. Now you can take your large complexion brush and blend all the eye shadows together. You are finished.

Applying your make-up is nothing more than manipulating the shadows and highlight on the face. This is one reason to use a highlighter and not a "concealler". The highlighter is used to bring an area forward that creates a shadow you do not want (i.e. dark circles under the eyes or laugh lines and wrinkles). Also by adding shadows at strategic places on your face you can enhance the dimensionality of your face (i.e. alleviating puffy lids). We live in a three dimensional world, and by using these techniques along with our cosmetics, you will be able to take full advantage of it.

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