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Day and Evening Makeup - Party Makeup

Day and Evening Makeup

There is a major difference between evening make-up and day make-up. Most people think they can just add more make-up and they are done with their evening look. I'm sorry this is not the case. The major reason for this difference is lighting.

Throughout the day we are subjected to different light sources, whether it is at work where most of the light is fluorescent lighting or in our homes where there is incandescent lighting. The nature of the light sources causes these differences.

Fluorescent light is a blue light. This will affect people differently. People with blue eyes generally have more redness in their skin which will be accentuated under blue light. People with brown eyes will see that their skin appears to be more yellow or green. As you can start to understand this is what is affecting the look of your make-up.

Incandescent lights are going to have different affects because the light is yellow or red in tone. This red light tends to soften all colors, like when a photographer does a portrait they use soft light or warm light to hide imperfections and make the photograph appear flawless. This is why you need to change your cosmetics for each case, or for the light source you will be under at that time.

Now that you can understand what causes these changes, let's look at what needs to be done so you can look your best all the time.

Let's start with day make-up. If you have blue eyes you will generally need to use colors that are like our Ultra Shimmer #30. This very natural tone is not that dramatic. Use a color like this under blue light because the blue light sharpens all colors. For the evening you can add or replace it with the #31 or the #31 and the #17 together. Again since the red light softens all colors you need to add more contrast so the colors show up. Like I said earlier light affects us all, so a person with brown eyes will want to choose a color like our #14 for the day time, then use the #9 or the #10 with the #17 to add more contrast. This way the red light will not soak up all the color.

Another example of this would be for someone that is going dancing in a night club. This is a place where there is very little light, so you will need to over dramatize your make-up in order for it to be seen by others. People that perform in the theater are another good example of what I mean. They must do their make-up almost like a clown, so you can see it with the stage lighting that shines on them.

Now you can understand why you need to make changes to your make-up throughout your day. If there was only one type of light, there would be no need for "Day Make-up" and "Evening Make-up".

Source: Unknown

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