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Colouring Your Eyebrows - Casual Makeup

Coloring Your Eyebrows

If, like me, you have eyebrows that are a bit too pale in colour you can easily make them darker.

First get your eyebrows into shape by plucking and brushing. Next, find a powder eyeshadow that matches your colouring and using a brow brush, gently run the colour through your eyebrows.

Don't apply too much, just enough to darken the brows. To keep all the hairs in place, spray a very small amount of hairspray onto the brow brush and sweep that gently through the brows.

I normally use a dark brown colour, as that looks natural with my normal hair colouring. So you may need to experiment a bit to find the correct shade for your eyebrows.

Don't ever use mascara on your eyebrows as it is too thick and will make a mess!

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