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Eye Lining Tricks - Casual Makeup

Eye Lining Tricks

Lining your eyes can either make your eyes look gorgeous or tell the world that you haven't quite got the hang of it yet. Here are some quick little tricks to make you look like a pro! Applying Color Below the Lashes

The best tool I have found for applying shadow beneath the lashes is with a sponge applicator. The color sticks to the sponge until it is softly deposited exactly where you want it to be. A brush is about the worst tool you can use for this purpose. No control at all.

How Much To Line

Although some models can line their entire eye, this look is not for everyone. But that doesn't mean that you can't create a look that is close to what you see here. Play around with your liner. Line the upper lid and just the corner of your lower lid. Line the upper lid and leave the lower lid bare. Get into the habit of playing with your makeup. You never know when you will happen upon something absolutely amazing.

Using an Eye Lining Pencil

Don't draw the pencil across your eyelid as this could cause stretching of the skin. Instead, apply the color to the palm of your hand, pick up some of the color with your pinky and apply gently to eyelid.

One Continuous Line?

I would suggest a series of dashes or dots worked into the lash line. It's easier to control and no mistakes to be carefully fixed.

But My Lids are Oily

This is a common problem that causes liner to migrate up into the crease area. To prevent this from happening, choose a product to prep your lid. Not only will this prevent the liner from moving, it will keep your shadow in place at the same time.

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