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Destination of the Month

.:: Moen-Jo-Daro

At Moenjodaro (Mound of dead) in the west bank of the Indus in Sind have been found the remains of one of the earliest and a most developed urban civilisations of the ancient world. Discovered in 1922 Moenjodaro once metropolis of great importance forming part of the Indus Valley Civilisation. Moenjodaro 4,000 years old brick ruins of the Indus Valley Civilisation city of Moejodaro.

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.:: Hotels
If you are looking for a specific hotel in pakistan and found their contact information and address in all major cities of Pakistan.

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.:: Airlines
Looking for an Air Lines? domestic and international, Serving in Pakistan. Need their information and addresses in all major cities of Pakistan.  

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.:: Embassies
To find out different Embassies of the world in all major cities .

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.:: Travel Agents
Want to know travel agencies in Pakistan? 

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.:: Tour Operators
Looking for Tour Operators in Pakistan.

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.:: Rent a Car
Check out the Rent-a-Car Companies in all over Pakistan.

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