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Love MSN Nick Names

Welcome to our Love Msn names collection! This collection has all the Love names for MSN. You can use these names for some fun with your friends or just to have a laugh! Just look through the collection of names below and when you find one you like, copy it and set it as your name for MSN Messenger.

  • The shortest word for me is I, the sweetest word for me is LOVE, but the only word for me is YOU

  • 2 good 2 be 4 gotten

  • Ur hot as fire sharp as glass u break my heart ima kick yo ass!

  • Nice pants, can I test the zipper?

  • Love Is Like A Blue Sky With No Ends.

  • To the world you are just one person but to one person you may be the world

  • Is that a gun in ur pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • Don't hate the player, hate the game

  • I Love U , I Love U , Dont Get Excited I Also Love Other Alphabets Like v , w , x , y , z

  • Love is when u don't want to go to sleep cuz reality is beta than a dream

  • Do you belive in love at first site, or should I walk by again?

  • I'm loved by some, hated by many, but wanted by many

  • *ToUcH Me* *TeAsE Me* *cOmE On BaBY * pLeAsE Me*

  • Can i borrow you library card because i'd like to check you out!

  • Kisses spread germs and germs are hated.....so kiss me baby!! I'm vacinated!

  • Call me anytime, I won't be home

  • Iíve lost my phone number, can I have yours?

  • Honk if you love (name), then drive your car into the nearest tree!

  • I'm not smiling at you, I'm trying not to laugh!

  • Love is blind. I know, because you don't see me

  • Guys are air for me, and without air I can't live

  • Aren't you tired? You're walking for hours in my head!

  • If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right

  • Stupid cupid... stop pickin on me!

  • Some girls/boys have 7 boys/girls for 7 days but I have one for always

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you!

  • Love is like war..:: Easy To Start.. Difficult To End..And.. Impossible To Forget..!!

  • Love Is More Than Just A Kiss

  • Be smart,be clever put me in your heart for ever

  • Love is like heaven but it can hurt like hell

  • I Close My Eyes And Kiss Your Lips, Then I Go To Paradise

  • Love is a Feeling that Lasts Forever..

  • You can fall in the water, you can fall off a tree but the best way to fall is to fall in love with me

  • Roses are red diaments are plastic, I am great, you are fantastic!

  • Don't love me for fun, love me for a reason .. let the reason be love

  • You can win me ,you can lose me but try 2 never use me

  • Love is the answer, but while youíre waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions

  • Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

  • Love is a slow poison

  • Honesty is the key to a relationship. If you can fake that, you're in

  • Accountants are the best lovers. They can do it all night long and keep their balance!

  • True Love is like ghosts, Everyone talks about, But very few have seen


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