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A :

All spice :
A combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and other herbs.
Aspic : A savory jelly made out of vegetable, meat or fish stock.
Agar : Dried seaweed used as a thickening agent like gelatin.
Ale : Alcoholic beverage brewed from malts and hops.
Amaretto :
Liqueur with the flavour of almonds
Amaretto : Liqueur with the flavour of almonds Anise : Small plant from the parsley family with a sweet licorice flavor.
Anisette : Clear and sweet liqueur made with anise seeds.
Arrowroot : Tuber from the arrowroot plant; dried, ground, and used to thicken foods.
Aspartame : Sugar substitute much sweeter than sugar.

B :
Baking Soda
: Bicarbonate of soda used to make the dough rise during baking.
Baking Powder : Leavener containing baking soda, cream of tartar and cornstarch used in baking.
Balsamic : Vinegar Vinegar made from white grape juice. Like wine, aging enhances it's flavour. Used in salad dressings.
Basil : Green or purple leaved herb. Used in Thai cooking. Also has medicinal properties.
Bay Leaf : Herb used to flavour stocks, soups, vegetables, meats or pilafs. Normally removed before serving. Also called Laurel leaf, bay laurel or tej patta.
Beer : Alcohol beverage brewed from malted barley and cereals mixed with yeast and flavored with hops.
Brandy : Liquor distilled from wine or other fermented fruit juice.
Brown Sugar : White sugar combined with molasses.
Butterscotch : Made with butter and brown sugar and used in desserts.

C :
Cabernet-Sauvignon : Small, thin-skinned black grapes used to produce red-wine.
Cane Syrup : Thick, sweet syrup made from sugar cane.
Cappuccino : Italian coffee made by topping espresso with the creamy foam from steamed milk.
Caraway Seed : Small brown seed of a herb in the parsley family. Used to flavour breads, stews, meats and vegetables. Also used in Indian cooking and is considered to improve digestion.
Cardamom : Strong aromatic green or black spice that is a member of the ginger family.
Carob : Dried and roasted pulp of the tropical carob tree, ground to create carob powder. Used to flavor candies   and sometimes used as a chocolate substitute.
Cayenne Pepper : Red pepper powder not as hot as red chilli powder.
Celery Salt : Seasoning made of celery seed and salt.
Chantilly Creme : Mildly sweetened whipped cream sometimes flavored with vanilla or a liqueur.
Chamomile : Aromatic flower that is dried and used to flavour tea.
Chenin Blanc : Grapes used to produce high quality white wine.
Chervil : Mild, aromatic herb of the parsley family.
Chicory : Endive relative with curly, slightly bitter leaves generally used in salads or cooked as greens.
Chikuwa : Type of Japanese fish paste cake.
Chilli Powder : Hot seasoning made with dried red chillies.
Chives : Fragrant herb with thin green stems and a mild onion flavor. Chowchow : Mustard-flavoured chinese relish of vegetables and pickles. Cilantro : Another name for Coriander Leaves. A popular herb resembling the parsley family.
Cinnamon : Strong sweet spice from the inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree. Cinnamon powder is used to flavour apple pies. Also used in Indian Curries.
Clove : Strong spice made from the dried, unopened flower bud of evergreen clove tree. Also helps in relieving toothaches.
Cocoa : The fruit of the cocoa plant. These beans are fermented, dried, roasted, cracked, and ground.
Coconut Water : The opaque white liquid present in an unripened tender green coconut, generally available in   coastal areas. Serves as a refreshing beverage.
Coconut Milk : Made by combining equal parts of water and shredded fresh or desiccated coconut and simmering until foamy. The liquid is then strained. Used in Thai, Sri Lankan and South Indian curries.
Colombard : Grape used to produce high quality white wine.
Corn Syrup : Syrup made from cornstarch used in desserts, frostings, candies. Cream of Tartar : Natural fruit acid in the form of a fine white powder. Used in making baking sodas and as a stabilizer.
Creme de Menthe : Mint-flavoured liqueur.
Cress : Plants belonging to the mustard family, e.g. watercress, which has a pungent-tasting leaf. Used for salads   and as a garnish.
Cumin : Spice with thin brown seeds and is a member of the parsley family. Cumin seeds and cumin powder are widely used in Asian curries.
Curacoa : Orange flavoured liqueur made from the dried peel of bitter oranges.

D :
Dextrous Sugar :
Sugar produced from grape or corn sugar.
Dill : Hard, aromatic herb.
Drambuie : This Scotch-based liqueur sweetened withhoney and flavoured with herbs.

E :
Eggnog :
Mexican alcoholic beverage made with raw eggs, sugar and milk. Endive : Salad green related to the chicory.
Escarole : Type of endive with broad, slightly curved leaves and a milder flavour.

F :
Filbert :
Another name for hazelnut. Used in desserts.
Flan : Round pastry tart with a sweet or savory filling.



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